Thursday, April 26

another flute video- How did that get through?

arnia posts this video in protest. arnica does not control the content, but merely channels it to you. and sometimes some real crap gets channeled into arnica's lap.

this video meets three criteria for being not liked by arnica:

1 there is a flute player in it
1a he has a goatee (well now it is a beard but you can see that it once was a goatee)
2 it's jazz
3 the staged lameness of having a three camera shoot just for some lame-oids busking in a train station. the more arnica watches (and that's not easy) the more arnica thinks the whole train station is an elaborate set designed to deceive the viewer into thinking these guys are at a train station and that they are good.

PS. thanks for the hundreds of emails (even though Arica never gave out his email address). expect an answer to one lucky viewer's question soon, just as soon as arnica finds his pants.

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