Monday, August 27

Weekend round up

Nothing happened.

Unless you count the opportunity Arnica had on Friday to play bass for hip cat, Wayne Roller at the 206's Pacific Rim Pub. Without a single practice, yours truly performed masterfully and only made 17 mistakes. Thanks to Wayne for providing fake sheets that Arnica never looked at while perfoming. Sorry.

On Sunday, Arnica returned to the scene of the crime and backed up Paul, AKA, "Lipton cup of soup," (named for his awesome noodling ability)and banged out some sloppy blues.

For all those budding bass players: wanna play out but don't want to actually know how to play any songs? Play bass in a blues band, Three chords, a cloud of dust and all the glory with none of the work.

how was your weekend?

1 comment:

StaySea said...

Nice name for Paul... I liked Gravy and the Biscuit Rollers personally. :) See ya next Sunday.