Wednesday, September 12

Yes, Virginia. There is an old English man sweating on your crumpet

Arnica loves him some Ledd Zeperlyn. Those of you who have heard Arnica's debut album, Lung Butter, or who have listened to Arnica's many live albums including, CheezyLove '98, Arnica Came Alive, was it good for you?, or Arnica Live at Denny's, have surely recognized the heavy influence the old English men have had on Arnica's music.

So it is with great excitedness that Arnica eagerly anticipates the upcoming tour of the band that changed the course of Arnica's life almost as much as AC/DC and Lawrence Welch.

And Arnica is doubly ecstatic to be able to have the opportunity to not be able to afford the over priced tickets. Thanks Ticket-UpMyAss-ter.

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