Thursday, February 21


Wow, a big plastic bubble over your head with no vents .

Lets just take a journey to the manufacturer's FAQ, Shall we?

Will I get hot in my nubrella?
We like to think of this as a huge benefit. Yes, it will be a little warmer as nubrella blocks cold wind chill and your warmer air circulates more. Yes, nothing better during those warm summer showers then having a non-ventilated air trap over your head.

Will i pass out from all that CO2 i will be breathing in?
We like to think of that as a benefit too. Having trouble sleeping? Put this bad boy on your head, go for a jog in the rain, and you will be counting sheep in no time.

Will nubrella fog?
Not likely, nubrella has been tested in various environments and has yet to show any significant fogging. "Not likely?" Has it been tested while jogging and eating a spicy burrito at the same time? Doubt it. That could make it fog up.

Will I be able to still hear with my nubrella?
Sound is definitely limited to the enclosure so please be careful while using your nubrella. Do not use on busy sidewalks or, well, anywhere.

Can I take my nubrella into an outdoor sporting arena?
While umbrellas are barred from all outdoor sporting arenas due to potential injury and liability. With nubrella’s streamline design and the removal of all sharp points nubrella is an obvious solution for stadiums. Nubrella is seeking approval as well. Yes, lets all pray this gets approval.

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