Wednesday, March 5

Second best BLOG ever

Second only to The Power, The Leila Texts is one of the Arnica's new favorite blogs. Leila Smalls is a person, and she is a person who is lucky enough to get unwanted and unintended-for-her text messages. And she gets them all the time; at least one a day. Leila, being a great american, has posted all the text messages to her blog. Good on you, Leila! A hungry nation of eavesdroppers and no-life-havers, salutes you.

Here are some good ones:

What time do you want to get going and do we need juicy to get us loosey goosey?

You're a prostitute.

Hey leila it is Alex. How are you doing buddy. I hope you have fun this weekend at thr superbull party. Please take alot of pictures of that hot guy.

hey dorkiss kiss cause you like to kiss peeps and you like to or wish you could make out with chris brown(chris breezy) ***A.E.C***

Hi Leila
How are you
WHen you are done in the bathroom do you want to go in your room so we can text

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