Monday, May 19

Bwah ha ha!

This article is about a Texas highschool and their delema with their new yearbooks. It seems that hundreds of the photos have been retouched and many of the images have student's heads placed on other people's torsos, at least one person's head being placed on a nude torso, and other types of shenanigans.

The article states that it was the publisher who augmented the yearbook photos, but Arnica and you know it was the seniors who did it. Whoever it was, while he/she was in the process of fucking up Muffy's high school memories, he/she also managed to create the yearbook wet dream for anyone who has ever been on a year book staff. Arnica wishes his yearbook head was on the body of someone else, especially if that someone else had a body with 30 lbs. of less fat on it.

Question: Who did the layout? Find that pimple popping 18 year old virgin and you are a lot closer to finding the answer as to who did it.

At any rate, somebody went a crazy with the cloning tool. Can' say as Arnica blames them, putting a third eye on foreheads has been a hobby of Arnica's ever since the days of Photoshop 3.0. Now that was a long time ago. Viva multiple undos!

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