Thursday, May 22

Praise Hay-Suse

Today is a great day for the Arnica Nation. The news out of hellywood has Arnica jumping out of his Ergonomic office chair and dancing on his hard plastic carpet cover that enables Ergonomic chairs to roll ergonomically.

The news out of hell's entertainment center is that Arnica's arch-nemesis and teenage music whore, Miley Cyrus is releasing an album under her real name and not her character's name of Hannah Montana.

If you are a person without either a preteen girl, a teenage boy or a horny bastard petafile living with you, or if you are just a sane person who does not pay attention to crap (Arnica is not), then you might not know who Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana are. If you are one of these people, stop what you are doing, and go run for public office because you are among the intellectual elite of this country and should tear power away from the unsmart who both run the country and know who Hannah Montana is.

Make no mistake, Arnica is not eagerly anticipating this album, for he knows it sizz-ucks (with a capital sizz) and will tank harder than a tank falling off a cliff. Arnica is in a good mood because the release of this album brings Miley Cyrus one step closer to dropping the whole Hannah Montana shtick. Doing that would mean Arnica Montana would then become the most famous and popular person with the last name of Montana.

Of course, the Hannah Montana show is still very alive and kicking and there is no sign that Miley is getting ready to pummel to death the big cash cow known as The Hannah Montana Show, but some day she is going to be too old to play a teenage rocker girl with a secret identity, or the show is going to be canceled after the world wakes up from it's Hannah Montana coma. When that happens, Arnica Montana will be there to pick up the pieces, create confusion and sign a deal for six episodes of the Arnica Montana Show.

It could happen.

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