Friday, June 20

"Good night, sweetheart. Well, it's time to go... do do do da dum

So there is a book out there called, Perfect Pitch, the quest for collegiate a cappella glory. This may be the first time "Collegiate glory" and "a cappella" have been combined in the same sentence.

Arnica has not read the book nor does he plan to, either. The word-to-picture ratio is not where Arnica would want it to be with this table leveler in order for Arnica to want to crack it's pages. But it does bring up an interesting idea. Do dudes sing a cappella for the same reason dudes play guitar, to get chicks? Wow, what a hard row to hoe that is. Might as well change your name to Jack the Ripper. You'd have a better chance with the ladies than you would announcing your group, The Four Horsemen of the a cappella have a gig tonight.

Arnica has always thought, Singing without the accompaniment of instruments is like pooping without toilet paper. You can do it, but you end up with a smelly mess when you are done, and nobody wants to be near you because you stink. But the more he thinks about it, the more he realizes that although a cappella is not his cup of whiskey, it does take talent and effort to perform Suwannee River dressed in matching polyester turtlenecks.

Sing on, you golden throated, lady killing studs of doo-wop.

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