Monday, June 2

"I am owed. I've never got paid, A dude with a pencil is worse than a cat with a machine gun."

Back in 1983, Arnica was a zit faced teen in love with playing guitar since he knew someday the 6 stringed lady would bring him a real lady. That never happened.

Anywow, it was back then that Arnica opened the Eastside Journal and read that Do Diddley was going to be playing at, hold your hat, Totem Lake Mall. If you, incorrectly, live in the northwest, you may know Totem Lake Mall. You may know that Totem Lake Mall SUCKS!!!!!! It isn't a real mall. Well, it is, but it isn't a real nice mall. Half it's store spaces are in a constant state of emptiness and the flagship store is Lamonts. Lamonts? Really? Lamonts?

Arnica begged his mom to drive him down since Arnica did not have a car, since he did not have a license, since he did not keep his grades up as promised to his father.

Arnica and mother drove down to the mall and, in the early afternoon, Arnica watched one of his music idols suck it up for the money and play in front of kids, moms and babies, all of whom probably had no idea who he was. A few years earlier, Arnica would have been one of those people if not for the lyrics of one of his songs, "Who do You Love" as sung by George Thorogood: "Snake skin shoes baby put them on your feet, got the goodtime music and the Bo Diddley beat." Arnica heard that on the radio, at the age of twelve, and started his sojourn.

Thanks, George. Thanks, Bo. Bye, Bo.

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Anonymous said...

It was after '83 ... Somewhere around 85-87 as I saw him there too...but didn't move to the area until 1/85.