Monday, June 16

Open mics vs. Guitar Hero

It has been asked, "Arnica, in addition to being super sexy, you must also enjoy performing at the local open mics," and, "While you are incredibly talented, you must be upset that some bars that once hosted open mics are now replacing them with Guitar Hero video game competitions."

To that, Arnica must say, Ferk ya, Arnica is both super sexy and incredibly talented. But Arnica is not too upset about the trend towards video game nights replacing open mics at bars. To understand Arnica's position on the matter, you need to understand one thing, open mics suck!

Ca'mon! Have these sentences ever fallen from your lips? Hmm, I sure am bored. What should we do tonight? I know, let us go down to the corner watering hole and en vibe on the talents of the local mistrals and entertainers. Didn't think so. Open mics are for the wimpy and the sucky. Arnica does enjoy playing the open mics. He enjoys taking the stage and singing some songs that he knows like the back of his hand to bitch slap the whinny singer-songwriter making time with the waitress in the corner. Then, Arnica leaves the bar.

Besides, Guitar Hero and Rock Band are uber fun to play. Plus, if the performer plays in super-easy mode, or is actually good at tapping buttons in rhythm, the show will be both entertaining to listen to and to watch-Not so for the Monday night open mic at the ol' Beer Barn.

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