Friday, July 18

One extra large hand basket, please.

Arnica, being uber-bored with the internuts these days, has taken to finding Christian god-blogs and heckling them in the comments sections.

Currently, Arnica visits two favorites on a regular basis; and his new favorite, hicktownpress. Holy Coast is hosted by a huge prick of an asshole. His site has recently taken anonymous comments off his blog. Pussy* couldn't take the heat. Hicktown Press is a new find. They are great. They include prayers and scripture in their blog entries. Good reading, that one.

Do yourself and Arnica a favor, go to the hicktown sight, create an account, type-in this website as your website, use a fake name, and go to town.

*the best part of his blog is that he has an ad link for his christian quartet called the Crimson River Quartet. They only play limited engagements; about once a month.


Rick Moore said...

Thanks for clearing something up. All this time I thought you were a girl. Nice self portrait, by the way.

Rick Moore said...

Let me expand on my remarks above. I never knew you had your own site since you never included the URL in comments you tried to leave at my site. How courageous. No wonder I thought you were a girl all this time.

You’d show up about once a month, your writing lacked any sign of masculinity, and sounded like an aggrieved debutant with PMS. You can understand my confusion.

Now that I’ve seen your site a lot of questions have been answered. You can rant and rave about me all you want, but the beauty is that nobody who reads my site will ever know a virus like you exists. Your comments will never appear on my site, and there’s not a chance in hell I’ll ever link to any of the drivel you’ve written. My readers are interested in more important stuff than juvenile ramblings and fart surveys.

How old are you, 12? Your site reads like it was written by a person whose maturity was tragically stunted in junior high school. But, that’s not bad news for you because today there’s a blog for everybody, and even you can find a handful of people willing to stop beating off for a few minutes and surf your disjointed mumblings. Better include lots of pictures for those folks. And good for you for finding a way to meet the needs of that tiny underserved minority of web users.

Bottom line – go ahead and have your fun. You’re just another insignificant turd swirling in the wacky left toilet bowl, but the good news is, all the rest of us have to do is pull the handle and WHOOSH, you’re gone.


Bye-bye, asshole.

Now, let’s see how long this comment stays on YOUR site.

House of Brat said...

What an ASSHOLE! (Referring to Rick Moore.)