Monday, December 1

Just, maybe think of me once in a while

I'm at WKRP in Cincinatti....

I got kinda tired of packing and unpacking, town to town, up and down the dial. Baby, you and me were never ment to be...

Great news.

The single most important television show, ever, has made a comeback of sorts. In C-town, a low signal radio station has taken to the airwaves and will use the much ballyhooed call letters, W K R P.

Ya, so what?

As an impressionable child of the seventies, Arnica was drawn to the almost important situational comedy of our time, firstly, by her boobs. Who's boobs?**

Lonnie Anderson's boobs were like beacons on the TV horizon, beckoning Arnica to stop what he was doing, find a seat in front of the TV and soak in the glory of the finest post-disco era tah tahs ever.

But the show was more than just chesticals. Some of the characters on the show had a big part in shaping a young Arnicas views of the world.

Baily showed that bland, boring, librarian looking chicks can be hot; sometimes.

Venus Flytrap showed Arnica that black people are especially talented at portraying wise sidekicks who offer sage like advise, and are good at being an important character in shows while never having a major storyline devoted to them.

Les Nesman taught Arnica and the world the proper way to pronounce Chihuahua (cha who ah who ah) and Chi Chi Rodriguez (chy chy Rod Ree gweez) and that imaginary walls are awesome.

Herb Tarlic taught Arnica that polyester is a miracle fabric that makes the man, and always wanting to cheat on your wife is hysterical.

Mr. Carlson taught Arnica that turkeys cannot fly and that cocaine makes bad foot powder.

Lastly, Dr. Johnny Fever taught Arnica the most important lesson of all; that drugs are good and funny. Arnica would watch Fever and wonder, "what is up with him?" Arnica discovered later what was "up" with him. And has never looked back. Thanks Dr.

**Please stop visiting this site. Your lack of basic knowledge of the important historical issues of our era prevents you from understanding the subtle context of this blog. Your not knowing whose boobs Arnica is talking about when he talks about WKRP is a sad indication of your lack of skills necessary to participate in this blog.

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