Thursday, March 22

Forever Malcolm Young

Arnica talks sparingly of his youth and of his childhood musical heroes, partially because they are deeply personal, and also because no one really gives a shit. But Arnia wants to say that of the two Young brothers of the band AC/DC, it may have been Angus who garnered most of the attention and who may have been the one in the constant spotlight, and he also may have been the one who had the kik-arse solos that defined the band's sound forever, but it was Malcolm whom a young Arnica always emulated and wanted to be like when he got older. It was Malcolm who did the dirty work and stayed in the shadows as his more talented younger brother stole the show. It was also Malcolm who it turns out wrote most of the songs and lyrics and was the backbone of the band that changed Arnica's life; Bonn Scott era AC/DC (circa 1974-80).

Anyway, i dont know exactly what this video is about but it has Malolm Young through out.

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