Tuesday, March 13

Long songs mean more drugs

The greatest DJ Arnica has ever heard, from the long defunct radio show External Use Only, Jeff Adams turned Arnica on to this cat back in 1987, back when he was cool. And while working at a jazz radio station as a jockey of disks, Arnica would play some of Bobby's songs, not because they were great songs, which they are, but because many of them were over 10 minutes long, allowing Arnica to take drugs in the alley behind the radio station.

Ah, the good old days.

Jeff Adams, where are you?


Jeff said...

As it happens, Jeff Adams is one of this very blog's biggest fans!

Maybe Bobby had one or two 10-minute long medleys. But dude, it was a JAZZ station! If you wanted a long break, there was no shortage of albums with entire uninterrupted sides of random improvisational noodling you could have pulled out of that record library to give yourself a nice, liesurly 20 minutes to take your dump or argue with your crazy blonde girlfriend or shoot up in the alley or whatever you're claiming to have been doing with all that time.

No, Arnica, I'm not buying your whole "I only listened to Bobby McFerrin 'cause of the extra long songs" schtick. Methinks your drug-addled brain is injecting the memory of some old WKRP episode about Johnny Fever and "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida" in a desperate attempt at justifying your McFerrin fandom, which I completely understand must be uncomfortable to admit for a rocker like yourself.

It feels good to come out of the closet, though, doesn't it?

Oh baby, I'm thinking about your money
Oh baby I'm thinking about your pledge...



Jeff Adams is a former choir geek who now lives under a pseudonym with his wife and family in a small New England town. Like Arnica, he still listens to Bobby McFerrin and dreams of broadcasting fame.

Arnica Montana said...

dream it? living it!
much love back.

dont forget, all Aries will die!