Tuesday, May 29


Arnica, his lover, Madame Sweetie and their dog Phoebe had a lovely Memorial Day weekend at the Folklife Festival. While attending the festival, a large gathering of crunchy, bearded, mostly unwashed musicians, Arnica came across an ensemble of hippies playing hippie music and among them was a fellow playing what appeared to be a hockey stick attached to a bass drum. the hockey stick had a long piece of weed-wacker string and the fellow played his instrument like a stand-up bass.
Arnica braved the stench of butt crack and got up close and took some pictures and videos of the stinky hippie playing the instrument. Arnica tried not to get too close for the burning sensation that filled Arnica's eyes grew to be too much the longer Arnica stood near the stinky hippie.

Pictures to come later, after Arnica has performed an eye wash at the local HazMat facility.

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Susie said...

Arnica! I'm in town and want to see you and your lovely family. I'll try to call as soon as I find your phone number, or email me so we can set up a visit!!