Friday, August 10

If it's yellow, keep it mellow

Once, in the distant past, Arnica took a pee test. Now, Arnica has never done anything requiring concern about passing a pee test, nothing at all, ever, never, but Arnica didn't want to jinx the test so before the test, Arnica searched the internuts and learned of many enjoyable techniques to pass a pee test. Arnica utilized many of the techniques and on the day of the test, Arnica drank about 70 ounces of water in the moments before going into the pee bank. Arnica went inside, filled out some paper work and waited in the lounge for his turn to play fire hose. And he waited and waited and waited. Arnica waited for about a half an hour. By now Arnica was VERY ready to fill the cup and could probably fill a milk jug if given one.

Long story short, once Arnica finally entered the testing room, Arnica's could have just handed over his underwear to the technician and said, "I started without you." He could also have offered his pants, his socks and the bottom half of his shirt.

What's your pee test story?

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