Tuesday, August 7

It doesnt happen very often

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but Arnica is humbled.

Fan of the site and former friend of Arnica, Jeff Adams has chosen to make Arnica aware of another master cigar box guitar maker. Arnica doesn't know this person's name because he could not look at the web page long enough since the tears streaming from his eyes were burning and made Arnica close the page before he could find out the name of the maker.

All kidding aside; great guitars.



Jeff Adams said...

"...former freind..."



Arnica Montana said...

ouch is right. imagine how Arnica felt finding out his guitar was not the greatest in the land.

Arnica's ego is a delicate flower which you chose to rip the petals off of and trample under foot and then spit on.

how could you do that to a poor little flower? have you no soul?