Thursday, August 16

what a pain in the ass

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yours truly will be on his unmotored bike on Friday and Saturday riding from the 206 to the not 206, namely Vancouver B.C.

Arnica will be dutifully joined by his good pals and fellow tight, gaudy, spandexy, ugly clothes wearing goofs, Mooshy, Thor, H-bomb, and some guy named Marcus whom Arnica barely knows.

We often call ourselves the cutters in reference to... anyone... anyone.... correct, our favorite food network star Anthony Bourdain, who can cut a carrot like no one else. And within the cutters, we have paired down the gang into two sub groups, team locomotive and team caboose. Three guesses which group Arnica is in.

The "bike gang" will start bright and early on Friday and take off from the somewhere near Sandpoint ex-Navel base at, god damn that's early, 6:30 and ride to party town north, AKA Bellingham, WA. The next day, we put back on our still wet and sweaty ugly clothes and ride to Vancouver.

Anyway, Arnica is telling you this, not because he wants to let you into a little bit of his life. No, he knows you don't care, but he is telling you this so when you don't see a post this weekend, you wont think Arnica is just being lazy. He is instead getting beat into submission by a mechanical device strapped to his shoes.

good day,
the management

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