Tuesday, October 16

If you play this song backwards, it says, "put down your guitar, give up and take up knitting."

In 1986, as part of Arnica's life long journey towards self improvement and to feed his never ending hunger for new music, Arnica infultrated a college Jazz radio station, pretended to care about Jazz and became a disk jockey. One day while pilfering the vast collection of Jazz, Blues, Shit Fuck Folk music, and New Age noise, Arnica discovered Stanly Jordan's albums. Since Arnica was way too you to know much about Jazz (Arnica was -5 in 1986), he would scour the record collection trying to find songs he recognized and would then play the songs on the radio. Looking for songs he recognized, Arnica stumbled onto Stanly Jordan and "Stairway to Heaven." What was this? A rock classic in a Jazz collection. Did anyone know this was in the stacks of wax? Should I tell anyone? Did i eat breakfast this morning? This was a treasured find. This was way better than any "Jazz" stuff. This was guitar solo-not quite jazz/almost pop music/could be Rock music stuff but without the band. The best part was-no vocals. the only thing worse then your run-of-the-mill Jazz music is your run-of-the-mill jazz music with vocals (Sorry Jeff Addams). This was music that needed to be heard-so that is what Arnica did, he let this music be heard-about 10 times a day.

Fueling Stanly Jordan's sudden assent into the Bellevue Wa. air waves was that he had many songs that lasted more than 5 minutes- the minimum amount of time required to put a record on, find jacket, get smokes out of breast pocket, hunt for matches, run outside, light up, cough, wheeze, say, "good smoke," run back inside the studio, trip on the chair, try to stop the fall by slamming your hands down on the turntable playing his song, have the needle jump off the record, quickly switch on the mics and say, "Ya, that was Jordan Stanley. It's twelve o'clock-straight up and you are listening to KRAK, it isn't morning without KRAK, and now here is some Mannheim Steamroller, it's twelve o'clock-shit, i already gave the time check-fuck, i just cussed on the air-muther fu......." dead air.

The 5 minute mark is where he really gets down in this video.

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