Thursday, December 13

Out of tune hand covers Gnarles Barkley

Did you get to watch Gnarles Barkley perform their hit, "Crazy" on the MTV awards last year? It was great. They had a huge orchestra and everyone was dressed as characters from the first Star Wars trilogy. The Chubby singer came out as Darth Vader. But what makes the performance super cool is that they performed the song entirely differently than the recorded version and did the song as an imperial march from Star Wars. They, or someone they paid to do so, rearranged the song to include orchestra and changed the beat to be more like a march. Arnica was blown away and has to give GB much props for not being afraid to dork with their material and attempting to keep things interesting.

So with with Gnarles Barkely in mind, here is "Crazy" performed on the Theremin; Slightly out of tune but fun to watch.

What is a theremin? who cares.
Who is gnarles barkely? Open the door to your cave. It's a beautiful world out there.

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