Friday, January 25

How low can he go

Longtime fans of Arnica know that Arnica loves him some low notes-notes so low you feel a little poopy squirt outcha hole. Arnica loves him some bass. Arnca also has an annual underwear budget of $12,350.

Arnica has been having fun lately playing the electric 4 sting for Gravy and The Biscuit Rollers. And as Arnica sits in practice or stands in performance and plucks the same notes in a small variety of sequences and does this with pleasure in his heart, he notices that the fun-to-effort ratio for playing bass in a blues band is way unbalanced. The amount of work required to play walking bass lines and muted eighth notes does not match the amount of satisfaction and joy Arnica gets in return.

Arnia has in no way mastered the blues bass technique and still has tons to learn such as a few turn arounds and how to play bass with one had while drinking a beer with the other-a skill not yet perfected but practiced every day.

So it is with great joy and a fresh pair of underwear that Arnica prepares for this afternoon's show at where-ever-that-place-is(see yesterday's post).

Next Friday, the Biscuit Rollers are playing in West Seattle at Easy Street Records and then at some University of Washington Forestry Department drink fest. If you can, come.

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