Wednesday, January 23

Japanese girls, puh-leez

Have you heard of Gyaru girls? Are you like Arnica and watch the Asian Entertainment channel almost as much as you watch the Spanish channel? If so, you may have seen these girls make an appearance on one of the Asian Oprah shows or on one of those super odd game slash music slash teenybopper shows, where the host looks like a 50 year old, eye liner addicted child molester.

Anyway, among the really fashion forward females of the land of the rising son are young women who dress up all fashion-zombie and shit.

Although there are different variations to the look, the consistent theme is the overly tanned face paint paired with the light eye makeup which is often also applied to the lips and nose. The result is an appearance that resembles a bad sun burn. Couple this with the gaudy clothing and you have what looks to be a bad emulation of the SoCal beach look.

Super hot or not, you know you have a good look when Japanese teenagers emulate you. Arnica is talking to you Paris, Lindsey, people from the fifties, and Punk rockers from the nineties.

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