Saturday, February 9

rocking naked

From Ireland, by way of Mexico City, Gab and Rod, who started out as a metal band, are Arnica's latest obsession. Arnica has only played their debut album about 1000 times. Anyway, just wanted to post this for the few out there not strong enough to move the giant rock from in front of your cave.

He's good but she is a guitar goddess. Together, they rizznizzle the hizzle fo shizzle, my dizzle.

Camera dude, why you gotta shoot her painted toe nails when the sexiest thing happening at that exact moment was happening with her hands? That's when Gabs first hits those 16th notes. Would of liked to have seen that.

If the you were not a metal-head in 1985 and don't have this as your frame of reference, then here you go (ya ya, Arnica knows, they do Stairway to Heaven too, but that song sucks).

Guitar instruction video of the year. Best part is the bottle of wine on the floor. These guys are cool.

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