Monday, February 18

Hot enough for you?

As most of the northern and snippets of the eastern, and chunks of the midwestern, and bits of the southeastern, but none of the southwestern parts of this here United States suffer through another cold and snowy and sucky and windy and rainy and still sucky winter, Arnica thought it would be like a public service to show you some of the footage he took during his last trip to his half-homeland of Guam.

Last November, Arnica, Madame Sweetie and their pet Phoebe journeyed to the 53 state in the union, behind Canada and Puerto Rico. Guam's slogan is, "Guam, where America's day begins," but it should be, "Oh my fucking Gawd, my underwear is melting onto my pay-pay and my nipples are sweating."

But heat aside, Guam is nice. The people are cool. The weather is not.

Undeniable proof that Arnica was, indeed, on Guam

Turns out, there was another update...

Arnica's nipples were very erect for this one.

turns out, it was just the air conditioning.


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