Friday, February 1

One of those moods

It's gray outside, Arnica is stuck in the lab (with a pen and a pad trying to get this damn label off*). Arnica needs a little SRV to get things right.

Nothing snarky to say, Arnica just found this clip of the almighty giving a guitar lesson. Oh, all right. Nice hat did the paper boy for the Daily Chronicle sell it to you for 2 bits?

Next, turn this video up and close your eyes. If by the end you are not crying, please never come back to this site again.** Come on, two great artists dead before their time, one great song, how could you not tear up even just a little?

There are few who can do so much with six strings, an amp and no lyrics for over eight minutes.

* Dr Dre from Chronic 2000
** Arnica is soo kidding. come back even if you don't appreciate great music when you hear it.

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