Monday, March 10

butts go there

This Sunday, Arnica, Thor and H-bomb (two thirds of team cutter, 100% of team caboose and one half of team locomotive) attended and partook of the Seattle Bike Expo this past Sunday morning. The weather was great and this year's venue was nice enough. We saw bikes and bike parts and bike thingys. We ate food and some of us test rode some interesting bikes.

If you are not into bicycles, then this would be the worst place on Earth for you. You would probably start beating yourself over the head with a bike pump after the first fifteen minutes and the 20th booth displaying a bike, a bike part, a bike ride, or something else bike related. But if you love bikes, the expo is sorta fun, kinda interesting and somewhat educational. But it is still kinda boring.

H-bomb and Thor had never been to the Expo. They were like kids in a candy store, going to every booth. H-bomb took pictures of everything including this Brooks Brothers type leather bike saddles with a cut-out for your junk. It seemed softer and kinder to your butt than the hard leather Brooks Brothers saddles our grand fathers and masochists know and love.

Arnica was there for one thing and one thing only—free stuff. Arnica came away with two water bottles, two pant leg straps (for keeping your pants out of your chain), a miniature cow bell on a key chain, a bottle opener, an assortment of refrigerator magnets, countless maps and registration forms to formal rides, sore feet, and a pencil.

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