Thursday, March 6

gooses got it good (sorta)

The top secret lab that pays Arnica to surf and sit is well known for one thing, cutting trees. In the early seventies, to show off how much they love cutting trees, the built their new corporate headquarters on a then wooded area in the 253. They chopped down only enough trees for the site and left most of the forest standing. But, as luck would have it, the place they chose to move was already a Canadian Goose habitat. To their credit, rather than give all the employees goose suppers as a bonus, the lab decided to try to live among the gooses and not disturb their home much further. Every spring, the parking lots and roofs are infested with gooses. Gooses fly overhead all the time and make their nest on the roofs of the buildings.

This morning, as Arnica drove into the parking lot, there was a lab security guard in a truck driving very slowly and circling a small patch of asphalt. When Arnica got out of his car and went to investigate, he found that the guard was guarding a single goose, making sure nobody hit it. The guard said that the goose was probably single and missed his opportunity to find a mate so he was walking around aimlessly.

Poor guy.
Ironic how the lab cares enough about one goose but not enough about entire flocks and folds of other animals as it chop, chop, chops. Ah but hey, they pay Arnica so, who cares.

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