Tuesday, April 15

The route

The time has come (the time really came three weeks ago) to try yet again to save the world, save gas, stay fit, and generally just torture Arnica's own bad self. That's right, we are talking time to commute via bicycle. It has been a cold, getting dark early, kinda winter in the 206. Now that the sun is staying out longer, Arnica is ready to put on those sexy Lycra outfits and hit the road.

In a feeble attempt to maintain Arnica's luscious curves, Arnica has re-started his regime of commuting to his lab every other day. Arnica lives in the 206 (white center) and his top secret lab is in the 253 (Federal Way) and between him and the the lab is about 17 miles of hills, valleys, roads with no shoulders, broken glass, dead things in various levels of decay, and pickup trucks trying to hit Arnica. Wish him luck.
Route to the lab

UPDATE: Arnica has only been able to average one bike trip per week. the weekly gig every Tuesday, the weekly trip to the parents to pick up his pet, Phoebe, and other factors have limited Arnica's riding schedule.

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