Wednesday, April 16

A tired idea for cars.

This tire has no air in it. It has no tube for which the air to go into. It has no side walls that your dad forces you to clean after you are done washing the family station wagon. It has lots of extra space for dirt and grime to get into. It has no way that a police tire strip could work on it. It has many bank robbers and high speed chased people very happy.

This is, assuming it is not an internuts hoax, the newest tire from Detroit. It should be out next Fall.

Is Arnica the only one who sees this as lame? What is the problem, exactly, with air in tires? Tires do get flat but you can't tell Arnica that never getting a flat is any better then what happens when you park your car with these "fancy pants" tires resting on top of a bump, similar to the above picture, and you leave your car there in the hot sun for a few days. Tell Arnica your new "houty touty" tire isn't going to have some type of "rubber memory" issue and not have a flat spot where the tire was deformed for so long under the sun. Go ahead, tell Arnica. Also, what is the purpose of making them see through? You could have made the same tire, wrapped the sides in rubber and called it a tubeless tire or something. Arnica is too keen to not see this for what it really is; a ploy to sell more tires. Damn those capitalists.

Arnica predicts these tires are going to be hot poop for about 6 months. Every rapper is going to put them in their big butt laden videos. Then, they will go away forever. Just wait. Arnica is never not right on these matters.

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