Wednesday, April 2

Better Blog? Ya, not so much

After thinking it over, Arnica has decided he can best serve the undeserving masses by providing that which they crave, useless shit. shit like this...

Hi, my name is Barney,
I like quite walks in the woods, playing with kittens, long conversations, hot tea, good friends, light jazz, the sound of rain on the window sill, the smell of fresh cut lilies in a glass vase blown by Dale Chahully, warm oatmeal with currants (not raisins-raisins are for pussies), full frontal back massages, Xbox RockBand, my guns, my boxes of ammo, and sitting on my $20 futon, in my underwear, thinking of you.

1 comment:

Mark Iverson said...

I invited that guy to my wedding. You better watch out.