Wednesday, April 23

Frida was yummy, oh ya, sure. you betcha

Did you know Arnica is a huge ABBA fan. Has been ever since he was a lad. Back in the olden days of what we now call "the seventies," when Arnica was a preteen, Arnica's papa would buy their records (disks of wax that somehow contained music) because he really liked how the Lutefiskian disco beats sounded on his big-as-a-house super sound system; and Arnica would dance around, sing the songs, pretend to play instruments, and generally act like a pre-pubic hair queen.

No kidding, Arnica's dad's sound system was huge. He was a bit of an audiophile and, one day, he came back from some department store with boxes as big as a house. The speakers each held a 15" woofer, a 6" mid, a horn tweeter and a 3" tweeter. All the components were separate, wood grained boxes of knobs and lights and VU meters (Gawd, the VU meters!). The record player was your standard record player for the day. The Cassette player was gigantic. It was about 9 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Arnica often marveled and wonder about what could possibly be inside that wood grained box in later years when he put his Sony Walkman next to it in comparison. The centerpiece was an AM/FM receiver that was even bigger than the cassette player. It had knobs all over the place, tons of VU meters, including one for the tuning accuracy, and your standard but extra long AM/FM tuning board display with the little orange plastic stick that sweeps across the two foot long, numeric decal laden board.

Anyway, here is a list of the fifty gayest songs as compiled by some Austrailian gays.

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