Tuesday, May 6

Welcome to the year of the Surly, angry old man.

Arnica loves him some Penn Jillette. He has loved him ever since the early 80's when Arnica first saw his act on PBS (of all places). And to be so "affirmative action" as to use a bald mute person as his assistant, brings a tear to the Arni-eye. Arnica's admiration grew into a deep lust after he found out Penn is a devout Atheist. Wow. Smart, talented, compassionate and tall; if Arnica sat on the bench for the other team, he would be seriously wishing he was man enough to talk to Penn but would just live a life of unrequited love.

Anywhen, Penn has been in the latest news cycle because of a joke he said. Now, this is a political joke, so Arnica is not sure what it means but it goes like this: Obama (a candidate running for some office?) did great in the month of February. It makes sense, because it was Black History Month. Now Hillary (a lesbian of some note?) is doing well. That makes sense because it is "White Bitch" month.

Funny joke, maybe. But in this clip of Penn talking about the joke on some news show, it was very funny to see the horrified look and reaction from the "white bitch" sitting next to the "white asshole" to the joke. Penn said that people react very honestly to jokes. Her reaction seems to imply that she no likey the white bitch jokey beccausey the shoe fit too well.

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