Wednesday, June 18

The day the music died

Well, it didn't die. But it did stop.

The music stopped at Love's Landing in Renton, on Tuesday nights. For that was the night that listeners were doused with liberal helpings of Gravy and biscuits for the last time. The band Arnica plucks for, Gravy and the Biscuit Rollers, played their last weekly gig at Love's Landing.

Fun was had by all, especially the band. Almost the entire second set was played by musicians other than the Biscuit Rollers. For once, the audience possessed quite a handful of musicians willing to take the stage. And they did. Arnica was spelled on bass, Bill was replaced by a blond beach bum who took over on drums. Paul was substituted by a guy who did an awesome job on the 6 string plank. Even Leroy got a break from playing harp. The band hung out and drank—All while getting paid. Boo-yah, my lord. Can't beat that.

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