Monday, June 9

it's Junevember

Happy Monday.

It rains! Arnica hopes you, who correctly choose to live in places other than the 206, are enjoying your late spring/early summer. We, in the 206, are not. We are enjoying another season, a fifth season enjoyed only by folks in the 206, 253, 425 and 360. This season is called, “pull the trigger to the gun in my mouth and give me sweet relief.”

Arnica had the heat on this weekend. Ya, the heat!

But all will be forgiven when the 206 official start of summer finally comes. Summers in the 206 begin at 10:34AM, July 12, and ends at 4:51PM, July 12. So, we got plenty of time to get the water slide ready and to spike the sun tea before then.

Summer, we are ready!

Other than the weather sucking, it was a fun weekend. Arnica and his merry band of blues boys played a show at the University of Washington Horticulture Center. And no, there were no pot plants in in the green houses as you might think. Well, as Arnica might think.

The band rocked for three hours and performed in front of some of the most nubile and attractive undergrads Arnica has ever seen. The girls were hot too. Nothing makes one feel old like actually being old and being near young people.

Oldie out.

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