Wednesday, July 30

Cheeses are my co-pilot

Big thanks to Jessica B and Mark I for carrying the torch and heckling Rick Moore at and whomever at that other site Arnica mentioned in his blog entry last week. Arnica tried to heckle some more, but when he tried to submit, he found out he was banned from submitting comments.

The, yet another, racist blog entry from Rick Moore that Arnica was trying to comment on was:

RICK's blog entry:
Obama launches massive Latino voter drive

I'd suggest they try the Orange County Fair. I saw lots of massive Latinos down there. They can really put away the beer and sausages.

i tried to leave the following comment:

wow. so not funny.

try this: Obama is shilling for Latino Votes. He should try campaigning on my lawn.

See, that is funny. it pokes fun at the fact that you are upper-middle class and that many Latinos work in landscaping. see, you slam Latinos and yourself. Mark was right, self deprecating humor is better. it puts the audience at ease to know that you can make sport of yourself first. To be funny, you need to make yourself vulnerable. you cannot make jokes from on-high. you have to get down in the mud with those you are poking fun at.

Jokes 101, dude. it's not that hard.

it was banned. typical.

Sheesh! What gives? Circle the wagons much?

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