Monday, July 21

thems fighting words

Arnica pissed off Rick Moore of Holycoast-sucky sense of

Check out last Friday's entry in Chords of Power. How did he find out where Arnica Lives?

Dude left two comments. Wow. Feathers ruffled much?

Thanks for clearing something up. All this time I thought you were a girl. Nice self portrait, by the way. Arnica loves his portrait. And loves that Gawd man thinks Arnica was a girl.
BTW-- It's called an Avatar, you luddite.

Post Two:
Let me expand on my remarks above. I never knew you had your own site since you never included the URL in comments you tried to leave at my site. How courageous. No wonder I thought you were a girl all this time. Arnica was afraid you would visit his site. not afraid you would leave a macho-retarded comment, just afraid you would visit his site.

You’d show up about once a month, your writing lacked any sign of masculinity, and sounded like an aggrieved debutant with PMS. You can understand my confusion. Ya, attack me by calling me a female with PMS. I love it.
--I will have you know, my lack of skill as a writer is why my blog sucks, not because i lack masculinity. the lack of masculinity is a bonus.

Now that I’ve seen your site a lot of questions have been answered. You can rant and rave about me all you want, but the beauty is that nobody who reads my site will ever know a virus like you exists. Your comments will never appear on my site, and there’s not a chance in hell I’ll ever link to any of the drivel you’ve written. My readers are interested in more important stuff than juvenile ramblings and fart surveys. But mine are not, sir. Do not ever confuse your reader with my readers. They love FART surveys. Good day.

How old are you, 12? Your site reads like it was written by a person whose maturity was tragically stunted in junior high school. How did you know? But, that’s not bad news for you because today there’s a blog for everybody, and even you can find a handful of people willing to stop beating off for a few minutes and surf your disjointed mumblings. I am never willing to stop beating off, not even for such a long amount of time as you suggest. Better include lots of pictures for those folks. And good for you for finding a way to meet the needs of that tiny underserved(sp) minority of web users. Boy, did you nail it.

Bottom line – go ahead and have your fun. You’re just another insignificant turd swirling in the wacky left toilet bowl, but the good news is, all the rest of us have to do is pull the handle and WHOOSH, you’re gone. Oh, Arnica gets it. Arnica is poop in your toilet and you are going to flush your poop. Arnica is your poop.

WHOOSH. Does, "WHOOSH" mean you are going to shoot me?

Bye-bye, asshole. Bye-bye, sexist, racists ugly guy. Grizzly Adams called. he wants his beard back.

Now, let’s see how long this comment stays on YOUR site.
mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock mock
Does he really think his macho-sexist comments were going to rattle my cage enough to have me delete his comments? No my friend, Arnica does not FLUSH gold down the toilet. Pure Gold.


Arnica Montana said...

When Arnica first saw Rick's comments, He closed the window and cowered for a minute. Arnica was afraid to read the comments fearing he would read a well thought out comment and would feel bad about what he had said in his blog entry. After reading Rick's comments, Arnica's trepidation was replaced by elation. Thanks Rick. Arnica was wondering what to write about today.

Jeff Adams said...

(Oops, accidentally posted this comment first to your Jessica Simpson post, sorry.)

How did he find out where Arnica Lives?

When you linked to him, anyone following your links would cause entries in his logs which show your blog address as the "referrer".

Next time you want to F with someone like that, don't make it a link. Tell your readers to copy the URL (which you can include as plain text, just not as a link) and paste it into their browser.

That way, no fingerprints.

So what was your handle over at his site? I perused a bit (I may be the one who left your address in his referrer logs) but couldn't identify which name you were using...