Thursday, July 24

You go- lady from The Go-Go's

This is old now but Arnica has wanted to post about this for a while.

About a month or two ago, there was a reality game show where the sons and daughters of formerly famous musicians competed in an American Idol style competition. Arnica does not know what the show was called since he only watched just the part of the show he is commenting on and no more.

So, the part Arnica watched was the performance and critique of the son of Dee Snider. Who the hell is Dee Snider? No one. He was the singer of a lame eighties rock band called, "Twisted Sister;" a band that "twisted sucked." Dee is also famous for his testimony in front of, then, Tennessee Senator, Al Gore and his hot-ass wife, Tipper, in the PMRC Senate hearings of the 1980's. Dee's testimony, though filled with cuss words, was ultimately fruitless, since every hard-rock and rap album now carries the PMRC label. Nice job, Dee.

Anyway, Arnica digresses (yet again). Dee Snider's teen-aged son (Jesse Blaze Snider [Blaze? Really?]) was one of the competitors. He looked like your standard over-fed, son a "famous" person. He had a faux-Mohawk (a hair do that Arnica hated at first but is considering donning soon), baby fat, and some strategically ripped clothing. "Blaze" sang Led Zeppelin's famous anthem, Rock n Roll.

The boy could sing, Arnica will give him that. He bounced around the stage and had fun while he sang. He had good stage presence. But as he performed, something was not sitting well with Arnica. Arnica could not place the reason for the feelings of disgust pouring out of his body, but one of the judges helped put Arnica's feelings into words.

Who's her bucket, the former lead singer of the formerly relevant band, The Go-Go's, was one of the judges. Her critique was spot on. She congratulated "Blaze" on his ability to sing and on his stage presence but chastised him severely for having too much fun with the song. She said that singing a Led Zeppelin song with a lite-hearted attitude and bubble gum delivery, like that delivered by Dee's son, was BLASPHEMOUS. She said that if anyone is going to perform a song by such legends as The Zep, they needed to give it the proper respect.

Ouch. son-of-stupid got owned by some old lady with fake lips and fake tits.

There you go; yet another irrelevant, untimely, unimportant, unimpressive, uninteresting unthought-out blog posting from your one-stop source of irrelevant, untimely, unimportant, unimpressive, uninteresting unthought-out blog postings, Chords of Power.

You are so welcome.

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House of Brat said...

So that was Belinda Carlisle?