Tuesday, August 26

40 - Love, Advantage Arnica

So, in Arnica's last poll, the one about the Olympics, nobody selected, " inappropriate masturbatory material."

Liars, all of you—um, both of you.

Let us list some of the best sources of inappropriate masturbatory material found in Beijing this last fortnight:

Women's tennis. Whenever one of the Williams sisters was on the court, you could always find Arnica in front of the TV, with the sound up and his pants down.

Men's tennis. Don't' ask.

Women's jousting. Again, don't ask.

Women's Beach Volleyball. Oh Arnica's dog! You knew it was going to be hot with those slutty outfits they wear, but, during the gold medal game, when the rain came down and they got all wet... Thank you, Jesus. Let the inappropriateness begin.

Women's Diving. What more needs to be said.

Goodbye, Olympics. You brought the world together and made Arnica's hand very sticky.

The balls are in your court, England.

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