Thursday, August 28


Arnica brings you this video not to point out how untalented Britney Spooge is. We all already know that. No, Arnica brings you this footage of BS live concert footage with her actual microphone feed to show all you teenybopper, high school musical, Hannah Montana loving Father Mockers that just about every performer you see on TV singing and prancing around stage while attempting lame dance moves is ALWAYS faking the vocals.

Come now. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to sing in pitch while dry humping your gay spandex donning dancer? Well, let Arnica tell you. It is FARKING impossible.

Also, while Arnica is in the mood to burst your bubble like a safety pin on an overripe zit on the back of a fifteen year old marching band sousaphone player, those pale Irish chicks on the public television who dance around all Celtic like while playing their violins also all Celtic like are faking it too. You cannot play violin and dance like that. Sorry, but you had to know.


Jeff Adams said...

It's funny you would mention this because I just found out that someone recorded unauthorized audio from a similarly faked Stevie Vai performance.

Oh man, don't you hate it when your idols dissapoint you...?

Arnica Montana said...

wha? the lab has seen fit to block this link. good. i dont want to see it and ruin my image of the master plucker.

Arnica Montana said...

seen your video. you have a point. this could easily be fake. but this is still funny and still possible if not probable.