Thursday, August 28


What a night!

Arnica is in news junkie heaven. After watching one of the best speeches EVER, he did what he did after the 2006 congressional elections, and immediately turned to FucksSnooze to watch them squirm. But was surprised to discover and to watch their coverage as they stayed with the fireworks and hand waving of the finale. Most surprising was hound dog jowls Brit Hume shutting the fuck up and letting the thing play out for, what seemed to be, 1o minutes. [Here comes Arnica's "props" to Brit. Ready? Brit; you suck slightly less.]

Over to MS-DISARRAY. Pat Buchanan is Arnica's favorite pundit of all time. Keep those stiff wrist hand waves coming, Patty. Arnica thinks you said something good but isn't sure because the bourbon is kicking in.

Lesseeeee, on CNN, Larry King is yelling at Ben Stein. Arnica loves this country.

Um, is Arnica the only sexist pig thinking this; that it would be super awesome to have a first lady with some serious padunkadunk? Dog bless America.*

*Lord, please forgive him. For Arnica knows not what he says

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Susie said...

Great pic! I'm stealing it for my blog.

yay Barack and Michelle! I love Michelle, they are both so sexy I can barely stand it. LOVE IT!