Saturday, August 9

A religious experience

Friday night, as Arnica draped his smoking jacket on his tired, weekend ready body, and wrapped his mink-lined slippers on his big, stinky, canoe shaped wheels; he was expecting to be lulled to sleep watching the Bejing Olympics opening ceremonies.

Um, ya. That didn't happen.

From the second the lights went black in the funny looking, rubber band wrapped structure, the visual trip of ridiculous awesomeness had Arnica babbling like a person who babbles for the entire night. The ceremonies started with two thousand and eight drummers banging on cool square drums. Arnica cannot even begin to describe this, so lets just say, "Wow." There is some substantial history and back story about the drums and their welcoming intentions, but you'll need to Google that shit.

There is too much to blog about; the big floor LCD screen, the painter/dancers, the flying dots of light, the Chinese character type set dancing boxes (fuck me-that was nuts), the globe trotters, the green light people, the everything. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime type of moment. If you missed, you suck. Go see it.

What a night. Arnica started the night as an Atheist (his normal state) quickly became a Buddhist, converted to Taoist and is now a devout Communist.

Thanks, China? Good job.

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House of Brat said...

I missed it!