Saturday, August 30

Who is this?

Ya, ya. Arnica knows who she is. He knows she is a floozy and a musical hack and that she can barely sing. But this video is awesome.

Trolling the internuts, Arnica has had no problem finding stories, articles, video responses and comments about how bad the video is, how much of a hag she is, how lame the song is. But Arnica thinks they all fail to see the big picture. Perhaps the joke is on us. This video is so bad it is great and the the song is so bad it is good. It's not bad like Paris Hilton's video was bad. It's not bad like any and every Toby Keith video is bad. It is bad in it's own way that makes it good. Following me? No? Let's just say, Arnica was entertained. Job well done. Now crawl back into your hole and never bother Arnica again.


Jeff Adams said...

The U tubes have conspired to make the video inaccessible to your faithful readers and I'm unable to identify the subject from the fuzzy preview image beyond blond hair and, I think, legwarmers.

Let us know when you find a replacement link that works.

Arnica Montana said...

I will let you know that i have no intention of doing anymore work. I am good for one squirt of effort then i am too pooped to care.

it was Hiedi Montag's new video. Who is she? she is nobody. she is not supposed to be as famous as she is.

But her video is quite funny in the way the Foo Fighter videos are funny.