Tuesday, September 30

Fare thee well, September

September pounced in like a tiger; a big, sloppy, rainy, wet tiger, and whimpered out like a cat that had just had it's nose slapped for pooping on the rug. Yesterday, it was 80 degrees in the 206. Wha-up-wit-dat? Today and tomorrow will see temps in the high 70's-low 80's. Again, Arnica asks, what-up-wit-dat?

Other notables for September include:

  • Arnica's pet, Phoebe turned five. She has curbed her need to poop in the yard but still has matted fur and needs constant attention. When will it ever end?
  • Arnica's papa turned 73. Go, papa! And Arnica's sister turned--- (age withheld for health reasons-Arnica's health would greatly suffer if he told you how old his sister, who is 3 years younger, just turned). An aside: Gosh, Arnica's 40'th birthday party, held in January, was surely fun.
  • The financial world crumbled, as did Arnica's portfolio—Adding 10 years to Arnica's expected retirement age of 97.
  • John McCain suspended his campaign but, against everyone's wishes, reinstated the campaign two days later.
  • Sarah Palin entered Arnica's radar screen and quickly became the future Mrs. Arnica. **
  • The Seattle Sea-anal cysts lost their first two football games of the season, inching them closer to Arnica's prediction that they would suck it hard this year.

That's it. Arnica welcomes October with a big man hug.

** Pending approval from the league and the current Mrs. Arnica.

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