Tuesday, September 16

look up!

The woman with the longest legs and the shortest man pose together to promote the new Guinness book of records.

Please, shoot him now. Could this guy have any more of his dignity ripped away from his tiny baby hands? But on a lighter side, doesn't he look so cute sitting on those books? You're a cutie. yes, you are, yes, you are.

If you know Arnica (does anybody really know Arnica), then you know Arnica is shortness challenged. Yet, Arnica can empathise with this guy. Though he is much smaller, his penis is probubly the same size—Huge.

He also needs to fire his agent. Here is the phone call as Arnica imagines it:

Short guy: Hello
Agent: Stubs, how you been? Never mind that. I got you a gig.
Short guy: What is it?
Agent: I got you a photo shoot for the new Guinness book or records. They want you because, you are the goods. You are the real deal. You are the shortest man, baby.
Short guy: Great! Again. Is this the standard deal? Me photographed with the tallest woman? How is Edith?
Agent: Dead.
Short Guy: Oh.
Agent: Baby, don't worry. Have I ever let you down? We got a new gal to do the shoot with you.
Short guy: The new tallest women?
Agent: Not exactly. We got the women with the longest legs.
[long pause]
Short guy: Can I wear my pajamas and pointy shoes on the shoot?

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