Wednesday, December 3

Quit fiddling around

This afternoon, Arnica was doing one of his favorite activities— not working, and was surfing when he came across this lovely image.

It is a winner and a loser image. It is a winner because it is sort of an 'up skirt' kinda image. Anytime you got hoo-ha, or the essence of hoo-ha, you have a winning image. This is a loser image because chickeepoo sooooo does not know how to play the violin. It looks like the photographer just handed her the vilolin and told her to pretend to play it, and then told her not get wigged out that he was going to sit in the sand and take photos of her hoo-ha.

You may not know this, but you should; Arnica is an expert fake instrument playing image finder. He can spot a guitar player not really playing a mile away. Having never played or even seen a violin, it is even more amazing that Arnica was able to spot this instance of fake instrument playing. Her right elbow should be sticking out more and her wrist should have a bend in it. And is that violin coming out of her ear? Shouldn't it be in front of her?

How does Arnica know these things? He just does. Call it a gift.


dashap said...

Plus he called in "Viola Sunset" and it don't look that big.

Arnica Montana said...

Dave, i am glad you share my passion for being dickish about other peoples attempts at humanity. What miserable old me we are, and we like it that way.

Arnica Montana said...

old men. i meant to say, old men. sheesh.