Friday, September 26

Tears of joy

today, Arnica has renewed hope in the music of america. After watching this video, Arnica now believes that music and creativity are not dead--just playing possum till this whole mash-up fad blows over.

This dude plays drums with one hand, keys with the other, chooses a great song to cover, and has enough stage charisma to fuck up in the middle and keep on going.

How lame are those youtube videos of musician wannabes, sitting in their filthy living rooms, playing their songs in front of nobody? Very lame, thats how lame. It's refreshing to see a performer perform. That being said, get ready. Arnica plans some videos for the blog; videos where Arnica is in a room, without an audience, playing songs. But this is different. Not sure how, but it's different.

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