Tuesday, September 2

thanks, Stubby

Arnica was at a Labor day barbecue yesterday, hosted by his good pal and favorite trans-gender hermaphrodite, Stubby. In between inappropriate back massages and dousing his/her/it's meat with sweet sauce, Stubby, a longtime fan of the ChordsOfPower, mentioned that he/she/we sometimes doesn't get to Arnica's blog in-time to have his/her/it's say on Arnica'a sporadic, unfunny polls. Stubby has told Arnica many times of her/his/our love of the poll and of our/your/my dismay at not being able to participate because Arnica only has his poll open for participation for about a week before shutting it down.

Arnica wants to help out his dear friend and help all of Arnica's other poll lovers. So he has re-opened all his favorite polls. Now all you Stubby-come-latelys can give Arnica a piece of your mind while satiating your love of polls. Satiate away.

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