Wednesday, October 15

Arnica's Poem for America*

The left wing liberal media have always been a real close knit family
But most of the American people dont believe em anyway you see
Stop and think it over Before you make your decision
If they smell something wrong, they're gonna come down strong
You know McCain-Palin tradition

John and Sarah tell you just what they think. They're not gonna blink. And they don't have radical friends to whom their careers are linked
John is his own man And Sarah fixed Alaska's broken condition
They're gonna be just fine Were headed for good times
You know McCain-Palin Tradition

This old unions got problems That is plain to see
The democrats bankrupted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Like 1-2-3
The bankers didn't want to make all those bad loans
Bill Clinton said "you got to!"
Now they wanna bail out what I'm talking about
Is a democrat liberal hoodoo! To me and you

I am very proud Of our country's name
But no society is perfect And we have had our stains
If I'm down at the coffee shop
Somebody wants to start do give our flag friction
I say please move on, were standing strong
Thats an Old John McCain tradition

Some are bound to tell you I'm preaching to the choir
And that is very true, and we are going even higher
Like a Mama bear in Idaho
She'll protect your family's condition
If you mess with her cubs, shes gonna take off the gloves, thats an American female tradition

They tell me Sarah why do you hunt
John why do you fish
How can you be so smart and savvy
such a hey good-looking dish

*Actually from a "song" by Hank Jr. It is loosely sung to the melody of his song, Family Tradition.
Heaven help popular music.

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