Thursday, October 30

Facebook and Arnica

Arnica Montana's Facebook profile

The jury is still out as to whether or not this whole FACEBOOK thingy is worth it's weight in gumdrops or not. Arnica has been playing around with it lately and can't figure out if he is going keep it up. At first glance, Facebook appears to be a decent way to stay connected to friends, but the more Arnica uses it, the more he offers more and more useless personal info to friends; info they may not care about. And Arnica wonders if it is even worth-while. Would an occasional email do the trick just as well?

You may think Arnica is a narcissist, in love with getting publicity and acknowledgment, but that's not true. Arnica is a very private person and doesn't really enjoy sharing all his thoughts and ideas with everybody. He keeps his really personal stuff to himself. You may not know it but Arnica isn't even Arnica's real name. Yes, it's true. Arnica Montana is a nom-de-plume. His real name is Hortense Hassenpheffer, III. Arnica uses a fake name because he likes to keep Arnica separate from Hortense and keep his real thoughts (the really twisted ones that involve Sarah Palin, a bucket of Spackle, a jar of butter flavored spread and a dirty hotel room) to himself. No need scaring the kids with those thoughts.

So, the idea of posting his thoughts, ideas, personal photos, penis size, lube preference and such, just isn't high on Arnica's agenda. it is far behind, getting shit faced and masturbating, but higher than reading the bible and eating bugs.

Arnica tried twittering a time or two as well. What a waste of time that is. Just what the world needs more useless and mindless chatting. Twitter is you saying, "hey world, i have an important thought". "Wait, i have another one." "Here is another one." "I am eating a sandwich now."

Anyway, if you want to be Arnica's friend on the Facebook deal and find out what Arnica is "really" doing at an exact moment in time, feel free to look him up and do the thingy you are supposed to do and Arnica will accept.

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