Friday, October 17

nice new sweater

Back in Arnica's day's of excessive hair product usage, Arnica sided squarely on the heavy metal anti-new wave divide in his family's household. As his younger sisters swooned over such groups as The Church, The Cure, Morrissey (gag), and others, Arnica was buried up to his ear drums in the heavy guitar laden tones of Anthrax, Metallica, AC/DC, Ozzy, Megadeth, and the like. But there were a small collection of his sister's albums that got played on Arnica's RadioShack turntable. ABC, REM, U2, some of The Cure, and―guilty pleasure that it was, these guys all got a turn on the stereo.

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dashap said...

Yo, Arnie, what's the song that this song is a parody of?

Arnica Montana said...

dashap. that is the actual video with fake song laid over it.

I forget the name of the song and I am drawing a total blank on the band name.

help from the peanut gallery....